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Around the World [Jul. 20th, 2007|12:21 pm]
Virginia Intermont College


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Cat Planet [Jul. 19th, 2007|12:18 pm]
Virginia Intermont College


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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2005|02:57 pm]
Virginia Intermont College


We need to make this community come to life this year, maybe? huh?


Email EVERYONE! I want VA Intermont on Facebook! Facebook is an even awesomer way than LJ/Myspace/ETC to stalk people. You can find people in each of your classes, in your major, people you went to high school with but lost touch with....etc.

go to www.thefacebook.com

give them your VI email address, and you may have to fill out a form. HOPEFULLY we can get enough people doing it that by the time we go back to school, we can be all up in that shiat.
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concert at VI! [Jan. 25th, 2005|11:38 am]
Virginia Intermont College
The Nashville, TN band Popular Genius is coming to do a show in VI's own little student center. This could be the most exciting thing all semester...
so tell all your friends to come listen to some music live Tuesday February 8 @ 8pm
available on iTunes
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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2005|10:06 am]
Virginia Intermont College

So what is everyone taking next semester?

I have:

Show Hunters- Monday, 4pm
Equine Health Management- M/W 9am
Probability and Statistics- M/W/F 12pm
Environmental Science- M/W/F 10am
Enviro Science Lab- T- 12:30pm
Safety and First Aid- T/Th 9:30
Jumpers 4- Th 4pm
Vi Classic- March
Equine Health/Breeding-M/W-6pm
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2004|11:00 pm]
Virginia Intermont College

hello all! facebook.com is a national directory of colleges and universities. you build a profile of yourself and then collect friends from your own and other colleges. it's super cool...but of course VI isn't included on the list. go to http://www.thefacebook.com/contact.php to request that VI get added. this decision is based on how many requests the site gets, so spread the word!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2004|09:14 pm]
Virginia Intermont College

So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving break?

I'm staying here, and my boyfriend is flying in.
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BOREDOM NEEDS TO END [Oct. 11th, 2004|12:03 am]
Virginia Intermont College

[mood |boredbored]

OK People, I think that the amassed boredom needs to end.

I know that I am not the only person in this God Forsaken school that is bored out of their mind. So here is my idea...

I propose that we plan to do something, or arrange somethings to do throughout the week. I know it sounds crazy and a lot of us probally dont know eachother, or have our own "friends", I think it would be fun to get out and do stuff. I mean if it amounts to some people getting together to get pizza and play cards that would be fun. I mean I have an apartment over here that is much bigger than the dorm rooms.

I really think that it would be fun to get something together, or we are all going to be stuck in front of our computers like this, ALL..YEAR..LONG..

Well everyone, let me know what you think...
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2004|03:47 pm]
Virginia Intermont College

I suppose I will put in the mandatory "Welcome to the Virginia Intermont College community".

I've noticed a small handful Intermont LJ'ers. And thus, we now have a place to discuss that which sucks away all of our money. And discuss how living in Intermont Hall sucks because of the burning showers. And how the food is horrible.

And how...well, I'm sure there are SOME good things to discuss. But it won't be much fun until we get lots of members, eh?
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